Our Projects.

  • Interiors Of School
  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Play House
  • 3D work
  • And Many More

Project process.

  • Attention to the details
    Design is not limited with the arrangement of furniture or lightning elements. In order to get a good result, every space need right shape, colors and to be placed correctly.
  • Quality of work through 3D
    In interior design, just like in chess, every step is fateful and important. If you do not think through all the steps in advance, you can make mistake, which will be visible only at the final stage. This is why we can fulfil your imagination through 3d work whose result has to be same in reality.
  • Economical
    Jyotika Interiors provides you low budget service as compared to other interior designers. Interior designers charging their fees including site visiting charge and travelling charge while Jyotika Interiors charge only for creative work. With right approach you receive both an album with visualization and detailed drawings with proper measurement units.
  • Beautiful (comfortable)
    We agree that esthetics in design is very important. However, interior design also influences living conditions. I do my best to make projects comfortable and beautiful.
    Sending photos of your space helps to visualize your style, your color palette, and any potential design challenges. Jyotika Interiors love to know more about your requirements for how you want the space to function. All we need is your floor plan and photos and we’ll take care of the rest.
    Next, send us the floor plan of your space or atleast a hand-drawn sketch showing details and measurements. On the basis of that Jyotika interiors will be able to advice on the ideal layout to maximize the potential of your space.
    Color is a powerful design tool in decoration, as well as in interior design. It is the art of composing and coordinating colors together to create a stylish scheme on the interior architecture of the space. And I have a deep experience with colors, their psychological effects, and understand the meaning of each color in different locations and situations in order to create suitable combinations for each place.
    It is one of the most important parts of a home/space and JYOTIKA INTERIORS take great care in planning.
    JYOTIKA INTERIORS will design your home using as many unique choice of furniture design.

Further Work Process.

Online Service

Jyotika Interiors works online. And you will get your space design at minimum fees of Interior. You just need to provide measurement of space area for designing.


Get started by requesting designing consultation and let me help to understand your requirements.


I will present you with the 2D concept for your space through email, if you like the concept then book Jyotika Interiors for your space.


Get detailed designs for every room with 3D images and you can request changes in real time till you're satisfied.


Get detailed designs and measurement of furniture, color selection, hanging lamp, wall paper, show pieces etc.

Residential Design.

Transforming your home into an unforgettable living experience. By giving a perfect blend of style, luxury and comfort to your home that suits your taste and lifestyle.

OFFICE Design.

Specialized in creating workplaces, right from working space to conference room. Cover everything required for an office interior.


Understand how the interiors of your business space matters for clients. Be it Stores, Restaurants, Salons, etc.


Get detail placement of furniture of your space through 2D drawing sample topic which also give you an idea of remaining space after completion of furniture work.